Life Tenancy Investments

Here at Wakeley Residential Investments, we specialise in creating great value, low maintenance property investments designed to complement an existing portfolio or kick-start a new one. Whether you are a novice investor looking to explore your options or a seasoned professional in the market for new opportunities, our Life Tenancy Investments could help you realise substantial returns.

What is a Life Tenancy Investment?

Life Tenancies are medium to long-term property investments with the potential for multiple factors to drive capital growth. Essentially, a Life Tenancy Investment allows you to purchase prime residential property at significantly below that the RICS vacant possession valuation: discounts from Life Tenancies are typically upwards of 45%.

All Life Tenancy Investment properties are occupied by what’s referred to as a Lifetime Owner: someone who is over the age of 60 who has purchased a Lifetime Lease. This means they have the right to live in the property, rent-free until they pass away or move into permanent long-term care. At this point, the Life Tenancy investment ends and the property is yours to do with as you like.

Why Are Life Tenancies Created?

A unique home purchase option, a Life Tenancy gives people aged over sixty the chance to live in a property that may otherwise have been outside of their budget. By purchasing this Lifetime Lease, becoming a Lifetime Owner means that they can enjoy the benefits ranging from moving to a better or preferred area, paying off debts to releasing money in their retirement whilst still having the security of a property for their lifetimes.

Why Are Investors Buying Life Tenancies?

From topping up a pension pot, a future investment for a child or as a Buy to Let for the future, Life Tenancy Investments are highly versatile investments. Being such low maintenance residential property investments, they are seen by investors as something that can be purchased and left to grow in value with very little time commitment.

Below are a few benefits which our current investors tell us appealed to them when looking for alternative investment opportunities:

  • Life Tenancies are available, on average, at 47% below the RICS vacant possession valuation
  • Unlike many more traditional property investments like Buy to Lets, Life Tenancy Investments are exempt from the increased 3% Stamp Duty. You will only pay the standard rate of Stamp Duty if your investment is in excess of £125,000

Need a little more information?

If you wish to find out more detail or example of the finances, please download our brochure on Life Tenancy Investments and discover more about how they can benefit you as an investor.


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