Commitment to our clients

At Wakeley Residential Investments, the health and wellbeing of our investors and our team remain our top priority.


The Wakeley team are committed to delivering the usual, high-quality service our clients and investment partners expect, and are well-placed to handle any enquiries about current, available Life Tenancies, along with new opportunities as they continue to arise.


We are very much operating business as usual and, in line with British Government advice regarding self-isolation and social distancing, all meetings will be conducted over the telephone or via video conferencing at this time. Our investment team are working remotely and can be contacted via direct email, telephone 01903 866952 or website enquiry as normal.


Ideal investment in the current market

For Wakeley and its clients, COVID-19 has had, and will continue to have, a minimal impact to operations and the availability of Life Tenancy Investments.


Wakeley will continue to offer the opportunity of purchasing attractive residential property, located in some of the UK’s most desirable investment hotspots, with discounts circa 47% below a current RICS valuation. Life Tenancy Investments offer a medium to long term return so, even in the most uncertain of markets, our investments can offer levels of security that no other UK property investment may.


Whilst things may have recently changed in the world of investments, you will not need to change how you invest with Wakeley.


Life Tenancies remain the ideal residential investment opportunity in these uncertain times. With no concern for missed rental payments, this stable offering can provide security and strong returns for the future, and offer outstanding durability no matter how volatile the market.


Remember, you are not investing for the return you may see today, you are investing for the return you will receive in the future.


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Investment Opportunities

High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

Two bedroom apartment

Lifetime Owner: Female 69

Independent RICS Valuation: £210,000

Our Investment Price: £101,364

51.73% below RICS

Returns estimate

Investment value £210,000

5-year value £255,497

10-year value £310,851

20-year value £460,135


Example figures calculated based on 4% HPI

Reigate, Surrey

Four bedroom penthouse apartment

Lifetime Owner: Female 67

Independent RICS Valuation: £480,000

Our Investment Price: £195,660

59.2% below RICS

Returns estimate

Investment value £480,000

5-year value £583,993

10-year value £710,517

20-year value £1,051,739

Littlehampton, West Sussex

One bedroom apartment

Lifetime Owner: Male 63

Independent RICS Valuation: £125,000

Our Investment Price: £47,250

58% below RICS

Returns estimate

Investment value £112,500

5-year value £136,873

10-year value £166,527

20-year value £246,501

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