Where To Invest in Property in the UK

As the phrase, ‘safe as houses’ suggests, property is generally a pretty safe bet when it comes to investing. But, it is still a gamble. And to minimise that gamble, investors have the same questions year on year: Where should I be keeping an eye on? What area is on rise? Where has performed well recently?

Ultimately, investors just want to know where to invest. Now we are into the second half of the year and with much change in the marketplace, we thought we’d have our say. So, below is a list of four great locations that we think will be the place to invest in 2018.


Top 4 Places to Invest in Property in the Country

1) Heathfield, East Sussex

Heathfield is a small town that lies in the heart of East Sussex. Property prices here shot up by 34% in the year up to February 2018. This far surpasses even Brighton which only saw a 6% growth in the same period. What is even more impressive is that from February 2018, prices have averaged further growth of 15%. Sitting just inside the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Heathfield is less than an hour from Brighton, Crawley and Maidstone. Over the last few years, this has attracted both commuters and developers. Recent plans have been put forward for a 235-house development whilst upgrading the local transport links. Certainly one location to consider investing in property this year.

2) Eastbourne, East Sussex

Eastbourne is a coastal town which has seen a strong 19% rise in property values in the last 2 years. According to Property Partner, Eastbourne is the amongst the fastest growing seaside towns in the UK. It is predicted by Savills that in the next 4 years the South East will see around a further 20-25% rise in property prices. On top of this, Eastbourne has regeneration underway with an £85million investment to improve the town centre, develop the shopping and recreational facilities at the Arndale Centre and build the Devonshire Park sport and cultural complex. Combine this with Eastbourne’s direct trains to London Victoria, it will only attract more people to this fantastic location and property prices are likely to continue to rise.


Eastbourne Seafront


 3) Glastonbury, Somerset

World famous for its annual music festival, Glastonbury provides much more than just entertainment once a year. Since January 2017, property prices here have risen by 31%, one of the highest rises in Somerset. Glastonbury’s location adds to its appeal, being surrounded by picturesque countryside and with the beach only 30 minutes’ drive away. With Bath and Bristol both less than an hour away, it makes Glastonbury a highly desirable location for commuters wanting to combine modern city life and country living, and one of our top places to invest in property this year.

 4) Brentwood, Essex

Property prices in and around London come to a near standstill recently. However, look just outside to Essex where Brentwood property prices have consistently risen here seeing a 31% growth since March 2017. This upward trend looks likely to continue with the Cross Rail development going right through Brentwood. With the route having gone live in late 2017, commuting time has been cut down for thousands of people living near the 41 connected stations. Large scale developments like this which benefit thousands of people a day nearly always have impacts on property prices. CBRE, the property consultancy, have predicated an average increase of £133,000 on property prices between now and the Elizabeth Line completion. This all makes Brentwood one area around London to keep an eye on when looking at longer term investments in residential property.


The property market is constantly changing and knowing what to look for and more importantly, where to look will give you the edge on your competition and help you to maximise your returns.

Staying up to date with either large regeneration projects, consistent property price growth or new residential developments has ensured that we have had major success with our investments in these places.

With Life Tenancy Investments available in these areas, and many others, make sure to get in touch with us now.



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