Why Life Tenancies are the ideal investment during Coronavirus

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With the ever-changing Coronavirus situation, the UK property market is experiencing a certain level of nervousness and instability, and it may be easy to assume business will grind to a halt.


Whilst we may have adjusted our day-to-day routines due to the global pandemic, Life Tenancy Investments remain a secure way to invest in prime UK residential property and can be considered the ideal investment opportunity in these uncertain times.


With no concern for missed rental payments, as Buy to Lets will bring, this stable offering can provide security and strong returns for the future.


Proven history of security and stability

For more than 40 years, Life Tenancy Investments have demonstrated their resilience in even the most turbulent of markets.


In this time, Life Tenancies have been the investment of choice for some of the UK's leading investment institutions, including family offices and professional landlords, who have sought stability in the UK residential market.


Through uncertain markets from 2008, right the way through Brexit and the snap general election, Life Tenancy Investments have stood strong in their popularity. Being available to buy at, on average, 47% below the RICS vacant possession value, Life Tenancies are fast becoming one of the most popular residential investments in the UK, providing investors with a significant buffer against any downturn in the market and thus security for the future.


Life Tenancies offer a medium to long term return, so even in the most uncertain of markets, our investments can offer levels of security that no other UK property investment may. In a nutshell, Life Tenancy investments are well suited to riding out the instability of the current property market uncertainty.


Ideal investment during Coronavirus

Wakeley are the UK’s leading provider of Life Tenancy Investments and will continue to offer you the opportunity of purchasing attractive residential property, located in some of the UK’s most desirable investment hotspots with discounts on average 47% below a current RICS valuation.


Despite daily updates from the Government and regular insight being shared by industry experts, the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak on the property market remains uncertain. Whilst many may understandably be nervous by the apparent market instability, here at Wakeley, we see it as an opportunity to diversify your portfolio.


Life Tenancies make the perfect addition to a pension pot or a great ‘first step’ on the property ladder for a child or other family member; remember you are not investing for the return you may get today, you’re investing for the return you will receive in the future.


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An alternative investment

As a simple and straightforward opportunity, Life Tenancies are perfect for those wanting to begin their property investment journey, as well as experienced investors looking to enhance a current portfolio with an alternative residential investment.

Life Tenancies require little expertise, and very little time, to make them work for you. Plus, with multiple factors helping to drive capital growth, they are a great way to add value to an existing portfolio, diversifying your options.


Life Tenancies offer exposure to the core UK residential market without any of the usual rental risks, entry costs and taxes experienced in the Private Residential Sector. Combine that with being able to buy individual units or multiples, in my opinion, this is what helps them stand out in the investment marketplace.

Graham Stanley, Foxwood Property Trading


Life Tenancies:

  • Offer multiple streams of growth
  • Are the UK's leading alternative to Regulated Tenancies
  • Are available at, on average, 47% below the RICS vacant possession valuation - providing investors with a significant buffer against any downturn in the market
  • Provide a low maintenance and hassle-free investment


Unlike other property investments such as Buy to Let, with Life Tenancies all maintenance and associated costs fall to the Lifetime Owner in the first instance, the occupant who lives in the property.


With Brexit and now the Coronavirus outbreak, many are searching for stable, secure investments. Life Tenancies continue to demonstrate resilience and strong returns; making this the investment of choice in the UK property market.


Investors are looking for something to fill the gap that Regulated Tenancies have left, and Life Tenancies do just that. I actively purchase Life Tenancies and work closely with Wakeley in offering them to other investors. I’ve found these property investments provide both security and strong returns.

Guy Charrison, Network Auctions


Seize the opportunity 

Whilst daily life may seem uncertain in the current climate, here at Wakeley we are confident that Life Tenancy Investments will continue to thrive, offering uncharted durability, regardless of market volatility.


For Wakeley, COVID-19 has had, and will continue to have, a minimal impact on operations and the availability of Life Tenancy Investments, and we are very much operating business as usual.


We are committed to our clients and investments partners [link to CV-19 page] and will continue to provide sought-after investment opportunities.


Our investment team are working remotely and can be contacted via direct email, telephone 01903 866966 or website enquiry as normal, remaining available to answer any questions and enquiries that you have throughout this time.


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